Vera Fernandes and Vasco Palmeirim face off in the battle for the best recipe for Pescanova Medallions

The Battle for the best recipe with Pescanova’s Fish Medallions was carried out by Vera Fernandes and Vasco Palmeirim of Rádio Comercial.

Pescanova challenged Vera Fernandes and Vasco Palmeirim for a healthy battle where the only weapons at stake are the good mood, the delicious recipes of the animators of Rádio Comercial and of course, the best Pescanova product. They were asked for this friendly battle to cook a dish with Medallions of Cape Hake, preferably something easy and practical, ideal for all Portuguese to try at home.

The battlefield? A kitchen and two very different recipes. In the case of Vera Fernandes, the gourmet queen, we have Medallions of Hake in orange, almond and basil, a true delicacy of the gods and a fresh and light meal to accompany the approaching summer days. Vasco Palmeirim, on the other hand, made caramelized Hake Medallions with sautéed vegetables, a dish that lovers of Asian flavors will be grateful to be able to add to the cookbook.

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