‘Verão com Ciência’ promotes R&D activities in Polytechnics and Universities

This initiative is open to applications and is financed by national funds through the budget of FCT and DGES.

The objective is to support integrated R&D and higher education initiatives, such as research internships in R&D units and/or public or private institutions, developed in Polytechnic Institutes and Universities, which may be linked to the development of innovative solutions associated with the Economic Stabilization Program and Social, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The projects must have a horizon of 3 months of development time and be oriented to complement existing training initiatives and with R&D internships in teams with ongoing research projects. Summer schools must have activities organized between July 1st and October 30th.

The model includes new support from FCT, for R&D scholarships for classroom training and research activities in Polytechnics and Universities for students and young people, in conjunction with R&D units and with the possibility of internships in public or private institutions.

But there will also be an extension of school social action grants, active in 2019/20, for face-to-face training and research activities for scholarship holders in Polytechnics and Universities.

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