“Veronese” by Antonio Ramalho de Almeida

Day 14 was the launching session of “Veronese” by Antonio Ramalho de Almeida,  Fronteira do Caos Editores.

The opening of the session will be made by Professor Cunha e Silva, responsible for the evocation session of the centenary of the wreck. The presentation of the work will be made by Ângela Dutra de Menezes, novelist and former Brazilian journalist.
António Ramalho de Almeida is a doctor who specializes in respiratory diseases. Currently rejoicing after 50 years of clinical activity. The medical experience left him reasons for the first publications.
The event will take place at the Hall of the Humanitarian Association of Matosinhos Leça Firemen, (located above the Fire Station in Leça, right next to the Port of Leixões). Admission is free.

“In the centenary of this maritime disaster, the Matosinhos Leça Humanitarian Fire Association held an evocative session, and asked me to intervene. I consulted the minutes of the ship’s captain’s trial, which has everything in detail. I created two figures that could have Galician and Portuguese, young people of about the same age, who later went to their destinations, each went their own way, the Galician to Argentina and the Portuguese to Brazil, and six years later met. in the most unlikely way ”, describes António Ramalho de Almeida, the author who already counts more than a dozen works and who has held numerous conferences on cultural themes, in various parts of the country and abroad, namely Spain and Brazil.

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