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Verstappen wins Emilia Romagna GP

Formula 1 World Championship

The Dutch driver took advantage of the accidents to ensure his victory in the second F1 Grand Prix of the season.

Verstappen who, unlike Bahrain, didn’t take pole position, but he certainly didn’t care, considering the final result.

In Bahrain, Verstappen started from pole position but would eventually be overtaken by Lewis Hamilton, who won the Grand Prix, leaving the Dutchman in second position.

In Emilia Romagna, in Italy, the positions were reversed with Max Verstappen winning and Hamilton in the second position with 22 seconds more and Lando Norris with 23.702 seconds more occupied the third position on the podium.

This race was marked by some accidents, the first world champion in the title was hitting the wall, then George Russell and Valtteri Bottas were involved in an accident, which forced the display of the red flag.

With two complete races, Lewis Hamilton leads the Formula 1 World Championship with 44 points, followed by Max Verstappen, with 43 points and third Lando Norris with 27 points.

And it follows the Portuguese Grand Prix on May 2, at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.

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