Trip with Jonathan to the “Terra Prometida”

Jónatas Pires presented his new album “Terra Prometida*” at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon.

An album that he considers “autobiographical”, has lyrics composed by the artist and speaks of life, death, false starts, choices, loneliness.

A rock music album that invites the viewer to “shake their head, tap their foot, dance in the chair”.

To play the themes “Primavera” and “Terra Prometida” invites Samuel Úria to take the stage.

With Manuel Palha, the guitarist of Capitão Fausto, they play and sing “O Padeiro de Portalegre.” And according to Jónatas, this album, “Terra Prometida”, was not the same without him (Manuel Palha).

The third special guest has, for the artist, a very special shine, to sing with him she is called Selma Uamusse, and because they have Mozambique in common, Jónatas dedicates the theme “Tive Tudo” to the people of Cabo Delgado.

With Selma he also sings “Falsa Partida“, and about this theme, the artist tells us that “he talks about affection, about life, that the second false match the athletes are disqualified, but in Vida, although there are several false matches, it is always possible to reach the goal, regardless of whether we come first or second.

We also listened to Quando o Vendaval Chegar”, “Rosto Negro”, “Eu Só Preciso”, “Epílogo”, “Fogo Posto”, “Meus Olhos Descansam”, and “Mesa Posta”.

The artist was accompanied on stage by Silas Ferreira and Joana Pinto on keyboards and choir, Bruno Mira on} electric and acoustic guitars, António Quintino on bass and David Pires on drums.

*Promised Land

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