“Viagem” of Isaura

2º single do novo álbum da artista a editar em 2023

Viagem” is the new single by Isaura, one of the most talented and innovative Portuguese songwriters.

With an inventive path based on the intersections of electronic pop, hip hop and the eighties, in this new single, Isaura continues her project to renew national pop, proposing a dialogue where the “fears that stay and dance” are opposed. to “travels that take us out of place”.

Recorded in 16mm analogue format, the video for the single “Viagem” was directed by Fabiana Tavares and photographed by Duarte Domingues. As in the lyrics of this single, the video takes viewers on a true journey. In a universe between reality and fiction, Isaura is the main character who opens doors in search of answers that calm her concerns, passing through inspiring landscapes, but simultaneously inhospitable and totally dominated by nature in all its splendour. The idea of ​​duality runs throughout the video in constant counterpoints that become indispensable to telling this story.

Born in Gouveia, in 1989, the music arrived early in the life of Isaura, who, from a young age, composed and interpreted her own songs. She became known to the general public in 2010 in the program Operação Triunfo; in 2014 he released the song “Useless”, followed, in 2015, by the release of his first EP “Serendipity”, whose success made Isaura sell out concerts all over the country, especially on her tour with Francis Dale, having also performed at the BBC in London.

In 2018, she edited her first album “Human”, by Universal Music Portugal, having also been one of the composers invited to the Festival da Canção, signing the lyrics and music of “O Jardim”, a song performed by Cláudia Pascoal, which won the edition this year. In 2019, she returns to editions with “Agosto”, her first EP exclusively in Portuguese.

With the release of this new single, also sung in Portuguese, the songwriter who has already collaborated with names such as Luísa Sobral, ProfJam, Ivandro, Diogo Piçarra, Lhast, Pedro da Linha or Charlie Beats, continues her work of reinventing pop, adding new layers and projecting it into the future.

The new show will be available for performances from March 2023.


Lyrics: Isaura
Music: Isaura, Filipe Survival
Producer: Filipe Survival
Co-Production: Isaura
Mix and Master: Filipe Survival

Directed by: Fabiana Tavares
Director of Photography: Duarte Domingues
Produced by: Stefanie Coimbra
1st Camera Assistant: Michelangelo
2nd Camera Assistant: Rodrigo Oliveira
Door Paintings: Astrid Azevedo
Makeup: Paula Dionisio
Production Assistant: Francisco Briz
Editing: Claudia Silvestre
Colour correction: Marco Amaral

Analogue film, 16mm

Cinelab Romania, Planar and Trix

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