Viana do Castelo – Places of Interest and Gastronomy

Visit Key Points

-Viana do Castelo Historic Center and all its monuments

-Contemporary Architecture

-The various city Monuments

-Monte de Santa Luzia

-Stunning scenery

-Atlantic Beaches

-Ecological Park Urban and Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Center

-Harbor Sea, the fishing port, the riverside area, the Marginal

-Ship-hospital Gil Eannes

-Museum of Decorative Arts

-The various spaces and Museological Nuclei



Food & Wine

The gastronomy and monumental and environmental heritage make of Viana do Castelo a tourist destination that offers its visitors vast charm of motifs and toasts the palate with exquisite pleasures and substantiated. Viana do Castelo is always been linked to the faithful friend, cod.

Here they left for Newfoundland and Greenland, the cod born of faith and hope for a good fishing. There were six months after returning to their lands. And cod sat camps, gastronomically, this county, making it the center of attention of the faithful foodies a good codfish.

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