Viana do Castelo – Presentation

Viana do Castelo is the Atlantic city further north of Portugal, reaching about 25 minutes from the international airport of Porto.

Served by motorways functional and a sea port, it is easy and convenient to get to the city, where visitors can enjoy an outstanding quality of life, both through the peace and security of their urban living, either by the rich heritage natural, monumental and historical or also by the existence of great cultural, sports and social facilities.

The presence of the river, the mountain and the sea, rendered the city landscaped skills of excellence that delight the senses, provide a psychological climate of decompression and are conducive to a healthy and pleasant leisure time.

An urban transport network, which includes small electric buses running in the hull medieval streets, discouraging the use of private cars and promotes environmental quality. The Beltway bypassing the oldest core of the city and the distribution of several parks underground parking along this route, allow ease the medieval area of the car to the surface car parking away from the the prime area of the metropolis and facilitating, as a result, the pedestrian mobility.

The city has also a good hotel capacity, which is growing rapidly, want to welcome tourists want to receive congresses, seminars and other tourist meetings, business or study conditions that are supported by the existence of modern and functional auditoriums to conduct these meetings.

A set of modernized cultural venues – theaters, cinemas, library, museums – provides cultural enrichment conditions to residents and visitors, while the presence of the river and the sea offers special reception conditions for recreational sailing and the practice of all forms of water sports.

The unique rich Vianesa ethnography, that makes the city the capital of the Portuguese folklore, originality and its craft functionality, with special emphasis on the dishes and embroidery, assiduous and qualified cultural activities, are other attributes that make Viana do Castle an extremely attractive city for all aspects of Tourism.

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