new single from LEO2745, now available

Three weeks after releasing the single “NASTY“, a raw and risky dedication to someone who celebrated Valentine’s Day in love, LEO2745 doesn’t keep his audience waiting and releases new music.

“In Vida de Artista I chose to do something calmer, a completely different aspect and a side of me that I want to make known to those who follow me and of course, to new audiences! In this song, I speak especially to artists who have a girlfriend! I intend to show safety, and love and I ask for more understanding. The life of an artist is not easy, it is complex, and it presents challenges at various levels, from day-to-day matters to matters of the heart. I feel that I have left my comfort zone and that it paid off. I’m very happy with the end result of this sound.”, says LEO2745.

The single is now available on all digital platforms. The official video premieres at 7 pm on LEO2745’s VEVO channel.

The rapper is preparing to launch his debut project very soon and promises not to slow down his creative process until he reaches the “Vida de Artista” that he aspires to.

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