“VIDA” by Jorge Palma, the expected return to records

Special edition available from April 28

Jorge Palma is back to the originals with “VIDA”. The desired and long-awaited album of originals by the musician and composer, which succeeds “Com Todo o Respeito” (2011), will have a special edition – with a box that, in addition to the disc, will have a facsimile of the first draft of the song that gives name to the disc, and even a booklet in book format, with unique and documentary photographs of the recording process and rehearsals – available from April 28th.

About the title of the new album, “VIDA”, Jorge Palma says: “I spent a long time looking for a title for this album and I couldn’t find anything significant. During the recording of the album, after having already recorded several songs, I remembered He gave me a song that he had written before entering the studio and that was incomplete. This song is called “Vida”. I finished it and realized that it made perfect sense to name this record after him. And it was “VIDA”, why not? Why yes!”

Jorge Palma > Festival Montepio Às Vezes o Amor – Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.02.11

This time, the studio process was longer than in previous recordings. Jorge Palma, who has spent the last few years torn between the studio and the concerts, says that “the studio is like a laboratory, a place where we have to perfect the tuning, the diction, everything”, stressing that it is in this space that he finds the complement to the enjoyment of being on stage. “In the studio, either it’s there or it’s not there. If it’s not there, it’s repeated, repeated, and repeated again. These are things that complement each other, like the solitary act of writing a song, which is the opposite of the act of sharing with the audience on stage. These are functions that complement each other and all of this makes up what my professional life is”, he adds, reflecting on the recording process of “VIDA”.

Twelve years after the edition of the last album of originals, Jorge Palma emphasizes that his character and values, what resist, subsist, and feed him remain unchanged. He admits, however, a natural evolution as a person and musician, and that it is normal for this to be reflected in these new songs.

Jorge Palma > Festival Montepio Às Vezes o Amor – Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.02.11

“An album is something very special, it’s a milestone that always represents a period of my life” he confesses, adding that he is invariably inspired by his experiences to create songs.

The presentation concert of “VIDA” is scheduled for the 6th of May at the Convento de São Francisco, in Coimbra. Live, Jorge Palma will count on the presence of some of the album’s guests.

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