‘ALONE’ video by Zé Tó Lemos now available

Zé Tó Lemos’ first album, ‘Sense Of Peace’ intimately reveals the most emotional and sensory side of the composer. Considering intuitive, empathic and a link between the Cosmos and the Earth. It is on the piano that he prints the energetic vibrations he receives in his daily life, expressing them through music.

To dive into this album recorded and conceived entirely in a global pandemic height, is to emerge in a place full of opposites, where harmony leads us through peace, love, and that makes us reflect on our physical and spiritual presence in the Universe.

This album portrays the artistic and personal growth of Zé Tó Lemos, taking into account his willpower and positivity that overcame a chaotic World to present us ‘Sense Of Peace’.

‘Sense of Peace’ hits digital platforms on March 5th.

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