Vila Nova de Poiares pays tribute to musician Phil Mendrix

The municipality’s homage will take place on the day that musician Filipe Mendes, known as Phil Mendrix, who died in 2018, would turn 73.

On Tuesday, at 3 pm, a memorial will be inaugurated at the Vila Nova de Poiares Cultural Center, which consists of the sculpture of a guitar built in tablets by Phil Mendrix’s wife, Lurdes Mendes.

Later, at 21:30, a concert by the band Somos Mendrix, created by the guitarist before he died, will be broadcast on the association’s Facebook page, which will include the participation of Manuel João Vieira, Fast Eddie Nelson, and Chica Vinagre.

This is the second memorial tribute to Phil Mendrix, after a monument to the guitarist was inaugurated in 2019, in Jardim do Salto de Santo Amaro, by the Alcântara Parish Council, in Lisbon.

Filipe Mendes was born in Lisbon, on November 10, 1947, and became known in the 1960s as the Portuguese Jimi Hendrix, having started to use the artistic name of Phil Mendrix since 1995.

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