Vilar de Mouros ended with James, dEUS, John Cale and Crystal Fighters

The Vilar de Mouros festival in Caminha concludes another three-day edition featuring veteran bands such as James, dEUS, Los Lobos and John Cale.

Luís Severo performs at 7:30 p.m. and Crystal Fighters closes the festival at 2:40 p.m., in a further night of six concerts, totaling the 18 bands on stage since Thursday.

Led by Tim Booth, the British James have sold more than 25 million albums worldwide since 1982 and have faithful fans in Portugal, where they performed this year at Rock in Rio in Lisbon.

Also assiduous presence on Portuguese stages, the Belgians from the Netherlands arrive tonight at EDP Vilar de Mouros with a career of 27 years and seven albums edited.

With honors to close the festival, the Crystal Fighters were formed between the UK and Spain in 2007, blending folk and electronic.

Vilar de Mouros also hosts John Cale, a former Velvet Underground who started his solo career in 1970, with the band still in business. In that year he edited the debut album, “Vintage Violence”. Cale’s latest album is “M: FANS”, from 2016.

As for Los Lobos, they formed in California, United States of America, in 1973, and are the authors of the popular version of “La Bamba”, of the homonymous film on the singer Ritchie Valens.

Luís Severo, who for several years dedicated himself to the project “Dog of Death”, took over in his own name and the album with his name was considered by various specialized media as the best album of 2017.

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