Village of Soajo

The village of Soajo is located in the southeastern part of the municipality of Arcos de Valdevez, already inserted in the Peneda Gerês National Park. This village and village already has a long human presence, which was consolidated with the elevation to the county seat between 1514 until the administrative reform of the century. XIX. As we walk through the streets of this village we can notice the construction of typical houses built on granite slabs well crafted.

In the center, we have the Largo do Eiró where the sixteenth-century building of the old Paços do Concelho is located and right next to the Pelourinho. This Pelourinho is classified as a National Monument and its curious form may be a sculptural representation of the old privilege ceded to the county, no gentleman staying in the village longer than necessary to cool a hot loaf, put on the air at the tip of a launches The lance would thus be the stem and the bread the triangular shot.

But it is by the large set of granaries that this village is so well known! The whole is classified as Property of Public Interest is located a little lower than the nucleus of the village. There are 24 stone granaries set in stone on a huge boulder of granite outcrops. They were constructed during the century. XVIII (the oldest of 1720!) And the 18th century. XIX.

After visiting Soajo, we can visit the Megalithic Center of Mezio (an archaeological area made up of several mamoas, including the famous Anta do Mezio) and the Mezio Interpretation Center, which contains information about the region’s cultural heritage and biodiversity

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