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Luis Pato wines with national distribution by Wine Concept

“I now have what I never had in my life: a great distributor!”.

It is in this enthusiastic way that Luis Pato, producer and winemaker of reference, announces, from its farm, in Bairrada, the news that Wine Concept becomes the exclusive distributor of all the wines in the Luis Pato portfolio in the national territory.

Paying homage to the great Portuguese wine producers is inscribed in Wine Concept’s genetic code, just as the production of excellent wines is in the Pato family’s DNA. It is therefore expected that it will be a highly successful partnership, which now starts at the beginning of 2023.

Whether for the first green pruning, for the rebirth of Baga, for the wines that give a real reflection of the freshness and elegance that the Bairrada region can offer, producer and winemaker Luís Pato carried out a wine revolution in our country over more than of 4 decades. And it is these bottled stories that Wine Concept now has the honor (and the enormous challenge!) of distributing exclusively in Portugal.

According to Luis Pato, “We are starting 2023 and we are changing the paradigm. We are moving to a new distributor, 100%. It is now time to switch to Wine Concept, nationwide. Wine Concept will distribute all Luis Pato wines, manage our portfolio and locate it in the best restaurants in Portugal. My expectations are high, I’m this age, but I always see a better future, even at this time of an uncertain future. And that’s why I hope that Wine Concept is what I never had in my life: a great distributor!”.

We are very honored with this challenge of distributing nationally, and exclusively, wines of great quality and demand in the market. We can apply three words to the exclusive distribution process of Luis Pato wines: challenge, pride, and responsibility. And we are convinced that we will overcome this new challenge”, says Nuno Sousa, manager of Wine Concept.

Mário Pereira, also a director of Wine Concept, shares the opinion of Nuno Sousa and adds that “Luis Pato decided to reward us with the exclusive distribution of his wines at the national level. It is a huge challenge that we will overcome and increasingly honor the Luis Pato brand.

Jorge Pires, Director of Wine Concept, points out that “it is a responsibility. First of all, responsibility for me, for Nuno, and for Mário, but also for our entire team is at the forefront and close to our customers. But we are going to overcome this new challenge because we have that strength and, above all, that conviction!

This announcement assumes extreme importance in the life of both companies, in a year in which Luis Pato will make his 41st harvest, and celebrates the importance of the work of this important oenologist and producer over time, indoors and out.

My part is to make the wines, that’s what I’m here for, to promote the wines too, but to sell the wines? Now it’s up to them!”, declares Luis Pato, the nonconformist and pioneer producer, as he is known.

About Wine Concept
W4U – Wine Concept S.A. was born from an entrepreneurial dream, from a passion for nature and for what it freely offers, for the eternal taste of the wine world and the hard focus on the market, evident in all those involved in it. Wine Concept believes that Portugal was and continues to be a country of new discoveries, with great potential to broaden new and old horizons. A country of stories. A country of tributes.

The concept is nothing more than to honor in every way. Pay homage to the producers who produce the wine. Pay homage to the land that offers us gratitude, sustenance, and pleasure of all. Honoring the entrepreneurs who take our brands beyond our borders, whether through a pleasant dinner in downtown Lisbon with clients from other worlds or through export initiatives.
Wine Concept is more than a distributor. It is a business partner, an aggregator of ideas around wine, and a link between production and the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine. They personify the concept of homage and gratitude.

About Luis Pato
The Pato family has been producing wine at Quinta do Ribeirinho since at least the 17th century. XVIII. João Pato started bottling wine from his vineyards in 1970, becoming the first producer/bottler in the Bairrada region after its demarcation.

His son, Luis Pato, inherited his nonconformist and pioneering spirit, and, in 1980, produced his first wine, a monovarietal Baga of exceptional quality and absolute rarity, which is today sought after by connoisseurs like a treasure. Luis Pato wines combine the technical precision of the New World with the secular tradition of the Old World.

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