Vinyl XPress with an eye on the Portuguese market

Vinyl record pressing company launches website in Portuguese and promises competitive price and delivery time

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Vinyl records have been hand in hand with music since their invention in 1948. After a period of “strangeness”, when CDs took over the market, they rediscovered themselves and confirmed that one is perfect for the other at any time. In 2020, for the first time in 34 years, the sale of records in the United States was greater than that of CDs. Betting that this lasting relationship will expand around the world, Vinyl’Xpress is looking at the Portuguese market with attention. The company from the Czech Republic  launched a website in Portuguese and is now seeking to enter the Portuguese market with what it has to offer: price, delivery and quality.

The idea is to bring together my knowledge of vinyl records and the partnership with the best factories in Europe. Portugal interests us because it is a very strong country in music and festivals. Artists from all over the world pass through Portuguese lands every year”, said Brazilian businessman Clenio Lemos, owner of Vinyl Xpress, which he founded in 2020.

Within the vinyl market for over 25 years, Clenio has worked with the pressing of works by iconic artists such as Sepultura, Tom Zé, Alice Cooper, Criolo, Celso Fonseca and Ed Motta, among others.

Through the Vinyl Xpress website, the customer can make a simulation of their order to get an idea of ​​values. The minimum order is 250 copies and delivery times are the fastest in the market. In addition to pressing, VinylXpress offers graphic services such as printed finishing, covers, envelopes and special boxes for vinyls.

I have delivery capacity throughout Europe. And the proximity between Portugal and the Czech Republic can mean that, after it’s ready, the order is delivered within 3 to 5 days”, said Clenio, excited about the vinyl record market, which has grown in the world for the 15th consecutive year, having more than 34 million copies sold in the United States alone.

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