Violinist Federico Mecozzi debuts in Portugal

Federico Mecozzi is a secret that the world is about to unravel. A secret that many already know, even unknowingly: prodigious violinist, Mecozzi has been supporting Ludovico Einaudi, both in several of his award-winning recordings and in many of his most important tours, and alongside some of the world’s most prestigious stages.

And it is not only Ludovico Einaudi who recognizes his extraordinary musical abilities: names such as Pacifico, Angelo Branduardi, Blonde Redhead, Remo Anzovino, Filippo Graziani, Andrea Mingardi or I Ministri have resorted to the particular talents of Federico Mecozzi who in addition to first-class violinist line is composer, arranger, and producer with proven merits.

This baggage, which began to be collected in Rimini when he was just six years old when he started playing the guitar, was tuned to higher conservatories and cherished by masters who recognized him for his incredible musical abilities. Now, at 28, Federico has a background that goes from pop, contemporary classic, minimal music, but also extends to the study of Celtic music from Ireland and Scotland.

All this broad vision of the world of music is exposed in Awakening, his solo work in which he reveals himself even more clearly as a violinist, composer and multi-instrumentalist. This year Federico was also conductor at the 69th San Remo Festival, one of the qualities that set him apart as a certain value for the future.

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