Virtual edition of the Paraty Literary Festival reached 60 thousand views

The 18th edition of Flip hosted 12 virtual tables, eight of which were held live and four recorded in advance, bringing together 22 authors, such as Brazilians Caetano Veloso and Itamar Vieira Júnior, British novelist Bernardine Evaristo or Nigerian Chigozie Obioma.

The first day of the literary party, on Thursday, started with a table on “Diasporas”, with the participation of the writers Bernardine Evaristo and Stephanie Borges, who reflected on the issue of gender, artistic creation in the contemporary world and language created by Bernardine in the novel “Garota, Mulher, Outros”.

On the second day, very current topics were addressed in Brazil and in the world, such as the impacts of human action on the climate, on the indigenous cause and the sustainability of the planet, at a table attended by the American writer and environmentalist Jonathan Safran Foer and the Brazilian poet Márcia Kambeba.

Lilia Moritz Schwarcz opened the third day of Flip with a reflection on the roots of Brazilian authoritarianism: “The pandemic caused Governments to be obliged to intervene in their States. It made Presidents obliged to carry out what they came for. They have to take care of education, safety and take care of our health “, defended the historian.

On the same day, under the theme “Ancestralities”, Chigozie Obioma and Itamar Vieira Júnior (winner of the Jabuti Romance of the Year Award, in 2020, for “Torto Arado”), addressed issues related to language and religiosity of African origin.

Saturday night ended with one of Flip’s most anticipated meetings, which put Caetano Veloso and the Spanish philosopher Paul B. Preciado to talk about freedom, sexuality and gender, and which guaranteed the largest audience of the entire literary festival, with almost 10,000 views during the exhibition.

Flip closed on Sunday with tables like “Vocigrafias Insurgentes”, which brought together the American poet Danez Smith and the Brazilian activist Jota Mombaça, addressing contemporary themes such as the decolonization of historical narratives, gender identity, racism or African diaspora.

The 18th edition of Flip ended with books by Brazilian authors among the three best sellers: “Torto Arado”, by Itamar Vieira Júnior, “Girl, Woman, Others”, by Bernardine Evaristo, and “O Avesso da Pele”, scored by Jeferson Tenório.

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