Virtual Park revolutionizes the fair concept

It is now possible to organize a fair in a 100% digital complex with all the traditional features and facilities

After, in April of last year, having presented the Virtual Arena – a room for events in 3D, which allows to realize, decorate, customize and create the entire experience of an event in a virtual way – the GCI Group evolves the platform for the fair market through Virtual Park.

Equipped with the latest technology in the sector, Virtual Park is a complex for fairs and exhibitions, of all types and formats: a virtual city, which combines all the features of the Virtual Arena with more buildings, auditoriums, exhibition area and space exterior, which can be personalized and covered with content.

As in all traditional fairs, Virtual Park also has several stores that offer the sales experience and a ferris wheel that allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the enclosure.

The sector of fairs and major events has been stopped due to the pandemic. But, with Virtual Park it is again possible to go to a fair and live a brand experience in this market”, explains Bruno Batista, President Grupo GCI, who presents Virtual Park as “a new dimension of digital events and a new reality, now available to everyone in Portugal or internationally”.

Know more about it here.

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