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Virtual visit to Évora

Are you at home and need something to do?
Experience an online virtual visit to Évora

Évora was definitively recovered from Arab hands in 1166 by Geraldo Sem Pavor (Geraldo Sem Pavor), and soon afterwards the new Christian rulers of the city began to build a cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This first building, built between 1184 and 1204, was very modest and was expanded around 1280-1340, this time at the beginning of Gothic style in Portugal.

Roman Temple
1st century AD The so-called “Temple of Diana” would be the main element of the Roman Forum. It is one of the best-preserved in the Iberian Peninsula. Its wrong name is due to Father Manuel Fialho who in the century. XVIII when studying the building gave it the name of Temple of Diana. The configuration of the temple corresponds to the Greco-Roman architectural system of the Corinthian order, hexastil, temples generally intended for official services.

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