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Visit Portugal – Video

Visit Portugal (4K) aims to familiarize the viewer with some of the most beautiful destinations of Portugal from the Azores archipelago via Aveiro, Costa Nova and Lisbon to the north of the country Porto. The video starts on a mysterious path so does it end on the same one, showing more and more of it going infinitely to the unknown distance. In this video I only show a part of the path, you need to walk along in order to get familiar with Portugal. Showing the whole path would take a lifetime to experience.

After watching it I hope you’ll feel more inspired to go to Portugal if you’ve never been to, or to visit it again and discover more of it’s beauty. When traveling to the Azores islands it is a good opportunity to live with the chance to experience more of the islands with applying for island hopping, that you can get free flight ticket between the islands with Sata from Sao Miguel!


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