Staged visits to Castro de Romariz, in Santa Maria da Feira

The history and stories surrounding the treasured amphora, found by a farmer, in 1843, on Monte Crasto, in Romariz, served as the motto for staging “The Origins of Civility – Santa Maria da Feira Lugar do Tempo”, which the company Feirense Décadas de Sonho presents, on September 18th and 19th, through six staged visits to Castro de Romariz, one of the most expressive archaeological sites in the region of Entre Douro e Vouga.

This archaeological find is documented in publications on local history and in scientific and academic studies, having motivated the first explorations of the Castro, between 1940-1946, by the local parish priest, Father Manuel Fernandes dos Santos, under the guidance of Alberto Souto, then director the Museum of Aveiro which, with the support of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, uncovered a considerable part of the currently visible structures. Also with the sponsorship of the City Council, the archaeological work in the village was resumed in 1980, directed by Armando Coelho and Rui Centeno, professors at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

Composed of dozens of coins (silver denarii) issued between 157-156 BC and 74 BC, in addition to other pieces of gold and silver, the treasure found on Monte Crasto is in the custody of the Torre do Tombo National Archive and serves now inspired by staging in Castro de Romariz, by Décadas de Sonhos, which will take the audience on a journey through the time of the Romans and turds, respecting the rigor of the wardrobe and armament of the time.

Décadas de Sonho is a company from Santa Maria da Feira specializing in historical recreation shows, which has numerous participations in reference to municipal events, such as the Medieval Journey in Terra de Santa Maria and the Natal theme park – Perlim. In January, the company will integrate the program of the Festa das Fogaceiras, with a multidisciplinary show dedicated to Mártir S. Sebastião, at the Cineteatro António Lamoso.

With part of the sessions already sold out, the staged visits to Castro de Romariz are part of the municipal cultural decentralization program “Artes em Itinerância”, which began in June and runs until December, providing residents and visitors from 17 parishes in the county with activities cultural aspects of different artistic disciplines, such as music, theatre, documentary, and film.

The full program and application forms are available here.

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