Visual Arts present at ID NO LIMITS

The collectives 00: NEKYIA & Multa present “No Soil Has Its End” & “A Past To Come” in two different spaces of the Estoril Congress Center

Shapednoise & Pedro Maia Live A / V join forces in an hour of unique sound and visual expression

3rd and 4th April in Cascais – Estoril Congress Center

The identity of ID NO LIMITS stands out since the first edition for spilling over the focus on music. The sounds serve as a starting point for other artistic expressions that gather in the genesis of the festival. Video installations and sound challenges are key points at the event and for 2020 interventions are announced in the space of the 00: NEKYIA & Multa collectives, as well as the sound and visual experience that Shapednoise & Pedro Maia will present at the Estoril Congress Center.

The duo celebrates Aesthesis, a live A / V performance from Shapednoise’s new album featuring images by Brazilian artist and interpreter Aun Helden, at ID NO LIMITS. Shapednoise is the Sicilian producer, who develops unconventional studio work, capturing field sounds, with synthesizers and digital editing, with the aim of exploring the metamorphosis of sounds by combining unusual timbres, structures and rhythms. Accompanying this presentation will be Pedro Maia, a Portuguese filmmaker with a specific interest in the material and physical qualities of the medium hidden in the image.

The 00: NEKYIA & Multa collectives present “No Soil Has Its End” & “A Past To Come” – pieces that intend to expand the lexical field of “waste” in two spaces at the Estoril Congress Center. In partnership with the festival, this concept aims to denounce flaws in systems “that we designed ourselves – flaws that are sometimes programmed. Perhaps the solution is not to eliminate these faults immediately – if the system is the same, the faults will arise again, in another way. ”- advances the collectives 00: NEKYIA & Multa.

The 2020 edition of the ID NO LIMITS festival already has the confirmation of names of excellence such as Rejjie Snow, Kelsey Lu, Kindness, Jordan Rakei, Ezra Collective, Slow J, Joe Kay, PEDRO, Shaka Lion, Vaarwell, Chong Kwong, DJ Adamm, Ornella and Co $ tanza, Moses Boyd, Coucou Chloe, Biig Piig, Lhast and Carla Prata, among others.

Rejjie Snow, Kelsey Lu, Slow J, Kindness, Jordan Rakei, Ezra Collective, Moses Boyd, Coucou Chloe, Biig Piig, Joe Kay, Trikk, Lhast, Carla Prata, Shaka Lion, Holly, PEDRO, Vaarwell, Chong Kwong, Inês Duarte, L Ali (with AV figure), DJ Adamm, Ornella, Zé Ferreira, Co $ tanza, Progressivu, Matilde Castro — Von Di, King Kami, Shapednoise & Pedro Maia Live A / V, 00: NEKYIA & Multa

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