Vitão invites Pabllo Vittar to the remix version of “S de Saudade”

The new version is accompanied by a music video with a super production, recorded in an amusement park, and is now available on streaming platforms.

It is known to the general public that the singer Pabllo Vittar is a fan of the song “S de Saudade, present in “Mais Uma Vez“, the new EP by Vitão, released in July this year.

Knowing this – and always wanting to record with Pabllo – Vitão called her for the remix version of the track. The song is already available on the platforms and comes accompanied by a very colorful video clip available on Vitão’s YouTube channel.

The song talks about freedom and alludes to a famous country song, entitled “S de Saudade”, by the duos Luiza & Maurílio and Zé Neto & Cristiano. The lyrics emphasize the importance of time to overcome something, and that it only makes sense to go it alone.

With a special beat, the new version features a video clip recorded at an amusement park in São Paulo. In a universe full of colors, Vitão and Pabllo Vittar work together in a contagious, very cheerful, and fun scenario.

I am very happy to do this song with Pabllo because she is very generous. She makes music for music’s sake. For that reason, she is always on the charts, does what she likes, and brings something true. It’s really good to be on this remix with Pabllo; I’m a big fan of hers”, says Vitão.

Pabllo Vittar also comments on the participation: “Vitão is a unique artist with very incredible energy. I am honored to be a part of this project, which is so special to him. This new version of ‘S de Saudade’ is awesome. I loved the result!

The music video is directed by Tchinaman along with Marcel Woo, the creative director. Marcel comments on the creation process: “It’s a nostalgic scenario for many of us, especially nowadays, where exchanges happen a lot through screens. We looked for this old, vintage fun space to create this meeting. Their interaction builds strength during the video and they took advantage of this totally empty place to enjoy the night together, with great animation”, he says.

The EP “Mais Uma Vez” presented five songs to the public, four of which were unreleased: “S de Saudade”, “Adrenalina”, “Atrás do Meu Amor” and “Nosso Quintal”, in addition to the homonymous “Mais Uma Vez”. All are compositions by Vitão in partnership with Rafinha RSQ.

Vitão has more than 3 million monthly listeners on music platforms, 671 million views on YouTube, 1.8 billion plays on streaming platforms, and 6.5 million followers on all of his social networks. Vitão, a name dear to the Portuguese public, does not cease to surprise.

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