Vitor Kley arrives in Portugal with the tour “Adrenalized”

Brazilian singer of the mega-hit “O Sol” will perform shows in five cities of the country and present his biggest hits

The biggest phenomenon of Brazilian music today, Vitor Kley will cross the Atlantic Ocean and bring his “Adrenalized” tour to Portugal. The gaucho singer will go through five cities: Guimarães, Porto, Faro, Cantanhede, and Lisbon.

“I am so happy to be back in Portugal. The guys welcomed us very well at all times. With much joy, smile, enjoying our art, our music. We were surprised by their response. When we left we were already crazy to go back. So, in these upcoming shows, the guys will get double, triple our energy. These were incredible moments that were forever marked in our lives. When we live a good thing we want to go back to that good thing. It will be very special, ”said the 25-year-old.

Always with a smile and high spirits, Vitor will bring his hits “O Sol”, “Morena”, “Dois Amores”, “Farol”, besides “Pupila” (partnership with Anavitória) among others. An unforgettable concert, with the charisma that has won the hearts of people of all ages.

The artist’s third EP, “Adrenalized”, released in 2018, was awarded the platinum record for reaching the 80,000 album mark sold. On YouTube, the video for “The Sun” has been watched nearly 200 million times. Vitor revealed some of the news that the Portuguese public will have in his concert.

“We will take for the first time ‘A such song for the moon’ and ‘Parallel World’, which are unreleased songs from the new project called ‘Microfonado’. The other times we went we didn’t play these songs. Our performances will be very focused on the copyrighted songs and, of course, those on the album ‘Adrenalized’ will be there. ”

On the Portuguese tour, Vitor Kley will be accompanied by Heitor Dias (guitar), Rogério Marques Junior (keyboard), Gabriel Cirico (drums) and Leonardo Beltrão (bass).


Vitor Kley in Portugal

When: November 6 at 9 pm
Location: Multipurpose of Guimarães
Address: Alameda City of Lisbon, 481
Tickets: 25 to 35 euros
When: November 7 at 8:30 pm
Location: Porto Ageas Coliseum
Address: Rua de Passos Manuel, 137
Tickets: 18 to 40 euros
When: November 8 at 9:30 pm
Location: Teatro das Figuras
Address: Horta das Figuras – National Road, 125
Tickets: 20 to 22,50 euros
When: November 9 at 10 pm
Location: Multipurpose Fevers
Address: 24 Nossa Senhora das Febres Street
Tickets: 15 to 20 euros
When: November 10th at 7 pm
Location: Recreational Coliseum
Address: 96 Portas de Santo Antão Street
Tickets: 35 to 45 euros
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