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Vitória and Benfica tie, decisions only in the next round

League Cup Final Four

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The game between Vitória de Guimarães and Benfica ended in a draw, 3-3, in a match with six goals and many opportunities, and the decision goes to the last round.

Jorge Jesus made eight changes in the eleven and would be the first to take the lead, with Alfa Semedo scoring in his own goal followed by Pizzi’s second.

With Benfica enjoying the advantage, André André scores for Vitória, shortly after Radonjic would score again for Benfica, but before the end of the first half, Estupiñán, would reduce again for Vitória.

The second half has several opportunities for both sides, but Guimarães would score by Bruno Duarte and establish the final result of 3-3.

Vitória SC now has four points, Benfica one, and Covilhã, still without points. Benfica needs to beat Covilhã by two or more goals difference to move forward, for Vitoria to pass they need Benfica to lose, draw, or win by just one goal.

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