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Viva o Samba with an unmissable concert at Coliseu dos Recreios

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Lisbon’s most famous Samba circle put on an incredible show at Coliseu dos Recreios

Viva o Samba is a project designed to balance the samba with the purest cadence and let the energy of its rhythm move everyone who is there. To be able to show the world how important this rhythm is to our lives, samba is a state of spirit!“, this is how the group describes the project.

Yesterday, September 13, the group Viva o Samba took to the stage of one of the most emblematic rooms in Lisbon, the Coliseu dos Recreios, for a memorable concert led by samba. The group was born about 6 years ago and consists of 13 members, Weslley Victor Santiago, Bruno Pereira, Ton Lemos, Wit Vieira, Vinicius Lemos, Mouríz, Eron Gabriel, Diogo Guanabara, Derek Viana, Cícero Mateus, Carlinhos, Bruno Nery and Betinho Mateus.

On Sunday night, where samba dominated the room, we can hear songs like “Andar com Fé”, “Total discórdia”, “Pelo telefone”, “1800 Colinas”, “Fonte que não seca”, “Castelo de São Jorge”, “Saudade Louca”, “Ainda é tempo pra ser feliz”, a version of the original song “Circo de Feras” by the band Xutos & Pontapés, “Sorriso aberto”, “Coração Leviano” and “Uma Falta Danada”, among others.

The night full of surprises had the special participation of Djoodje, who sang “Flor de Lis” and “No Vai”, Teresinha Landeiro who sang “Cicatrizes” and “Batom”, and Camila Masiso who sang “Reza” and “Xire” .

The Viva o Samba project was born about 6 years ago by musicians Cícero and Humberto Mateus and has always aimed to promote the Brazilian musical culture of excellence in Portuguese lands.

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