Live Moments on Another Level with the new Xiaomi 12T Series

The Xiaomi 12T series high-end imaging system presents a unique and unprecedented smartphone viewing experience.

Xiaomi has presented its latest high-end smartphone globally – the Xiaomi 12T series. Equipped with a host of technological innovations, the Xiaomi 12T Pro and Xiaomi 12T feature Xiaomi’s latest imaging system for those looking for better performance and creative ways to produce content.

A state-of-the-art imaging system that offers unique detail

Both Xiaomi 12T Pro and Xiaomi 12T feature a pro camera that offers users a unique smartphone photography experience. With a triple camera system that reaches 200MP, innovative hardware and the aid of the brand’s advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the Xiaomi 12T Pro provides superb images with full clarity, night photography mode and fast focusing. These features, along with a variety of other optimizations, allow you to capture the finest details even in low-light conditions, or photographing fast-moving subjects without compromising on photo quality.

The camera also features in-sensor zoom technology that allows you to zoom 2x by optimizing the capabilities of the large 1/1.22″ sensor to take perfect portraits. With the new feature, Xiaomi ProCut and Ultra Burst, the Xiaomi 12T Pro allows you to crop images and detail different focuses of the same photo, creating professional-quality content. To unlock cinematic creativity, the Xiaomi 12T Pro even supports 8K resolution video.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi 12T also implements a triple camera array: a 108MP pro primary camera, an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera and a 2MP macro camera. Its powerful low-light shooting capabilities deliver crisp, bright images even in the most challenging situations.

Excellent performance to enhance the ultimate experience

Xiaomi 12T Pro is equipped with the market-leading 4nm Snapdragon processor, which significantly improves CPU and GPU performance (by 16.7% and 11% respectively) compared to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and reduces the energy consumption of each by 33% and 30%. Equipped with a heat dissipation system consisting of a vapour chamber that is 65% larger than the previous ones, with a thermal material coverage 125% greater than that of the Xiaomi 11T Pro, the Xiaomi 12T Pro provides a smooth user experience and a great energy efficiency avoiding overheating.

Xiaomi 12T is powered by MediaTek’s leading chipset – the MediaTek Dimensity 8100-Ultra clocked in at 5 nm. This is a fully upgraded chip with an all-new GPU structure that boosts performance and energy efficiency by up to 30% compared to its predecessor, as well as clock, cache and storage speeds, which provides a much faster usage experience. Whether you’re capturing amazing photos and videos, watching movies, or scrolling through social media, the Xiaomi 12T delivers peak performance at all times.

Longer lasting battery to prolong your favourite moments

The Xiaomi 12T series offers incredible battery life, even when compared to the brand’s most iconic flagships, as well as exceptionally fast charging. Both smartphones have a large 5,000mAh battery and incorporate the 120W HyperCharge system. Both can be charged to 100% in just 19 minutes and are ready for up to 13 hours and 30 minutes of use. Additionally, with Xiaomi AdaptiveCharge, devices learn users’ daily charging routines to optimize long-term battery health. Backed by Xiaomi’s long-lasting battery and supercharging, users can confidently go anywhere, do any task, and never miss a moment due to battery failure.

The stunning display meets stunning design

A mega viewing experience is a given with the Xiaomi 12T series’ 6.67″ CrystalRes AMOLED display. With 1220p resolution and over 68 billion colours, both are perfectly designed to balance clarity and colourful detail with energy efficiency. The display is also enhanced with smart features such as AdaptiveSync, which dynamically adjusts the refresh rate based on the content being viewed. However, for all users who interact with their smartphones for long periods, Adaptive Reading mode reduces the amount of blue light emitted to increase eye comfort.

The Xiaomi 12T series is reinforced with an iconic premium design element. The curved texture ensures reduced fingerprints on the back panel along with a compact hand feel. Double-sided, top to bottom, this is a reference design language available in three striking colours: Black, Silver and Blue.

Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi 12T series is available for sale in-store in Portugal from October 13th. The pre-purchase campaign runs from the 5th to the 12th of October (more information below).

The Xiaomi 12T Pro will be available in a 12GB+256GB version, with an RRP of €849.99, in Black and Blue. The Xiaomi 12T will be available in the 8GB+256GB version, with an RRP of €649.99, in Black and Blue.

Pre-purchase campaign starting October 5th

In Portugal, from the 5th to the 12th of October, there will be a special pre-purchase campaign online and in participating stores for these two new top-of-the-range models:

When purchasing the Xiaomi 12T Pro (12GB+256GB), a Redmi Pad (128GB) will be offered, which has an RRP of €329.99;

When purchasing the Xiaomi 12T (8GB+256GB), a Redmi Watch 2 Lite will be offered with an RRP of €69.99;

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