Viviane is one of the authors of the 2021 edition of the Song Festival

After editing the single in June When you have time, the theme ‘Oh! meu pequeno país’, the news arrives that Viviane was one of the invited authors for the 2021 edition of the Song Festival.

Bearing in mind that Viviane only came as a teenager to Portugal, we decided to know what memories she has of the Song Festival in this French case “as I spent my childhood in France and part of my adolescence, I remember two songs in particular, an era “L´enfant et l´oiseau” by French Portuguese singer Marie Myriam who won the Festival in 1977. The other is the song “Humanahum” which had a pacifist theme and which represented France in 1981. “

And did Viviane ever think about running for the Song Festival? “no, I never thought about running for the Song Festival”. However, the singer and songwriter welcomed the invitation addressed to her this year.

And this new theme to be presented at the 2021 Song Festival, does it already have a name? What can we be told about it? Viviane just says that “I think it is a song that stays in your ear and I hope it will go as far as possible.”

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