‘Voices’ broadcasted in 34 countries to mark Human Rights Day

The initiative, to which Portugal is not associated, aims to promote a message of union through music with the first radio broadcast of ‘Voices’, by Max Richter, which incorporates text from the historic Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

According to a statement from EBU, this special performance, to be broadcast on 37 radio channels in 34 countries, is produced by BBC Radio 3 and co-created by Richter and his creative partner Yulia Mahr. The project will be broadcast in countries as far away as Germany, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, Hungary, Italy, among many others.

The BBC Radio 3 broadcast will be hosted by Elizabeth Alker and features soprano Grace Davidson, violinist Viktoria Mullova as soloist, actress Sheila Atim as narrator, Tenebrae choir, Max Richter ensemble, with the composer himself on keyboards and electronic, under the direction of conductor Robert Ziegler.

Voices‘ consists of 56 minutes of music for orchestra, choir, electronics and for soprano, violin and solo piano.

In addition to reading by a narrator, hundreds of other voices were gathered around the world to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in dozens of languages.

The play took a decade to be created and had its debut in February of this year, in London.

It is the second time that Richter joins the EBU, after, at Easter, the eight hours of “Sleep” were broadcast on radios from 20 countries.

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