Volkswagen plans fully autonomous electric taxi by 2025

A few months ago, Volkswagen revealed that it was testing the autonomous driving system of Argo AI, in a prototype of ID.Buzz electric vans.

Subsequently, the manufacturer announced that it is preparing these vans, the so-called “loaf of bread”, for a Level 4 autonomy. This level of autonomy presupposes that the vehicle can drive completely alone, without neglecting an attentive driver who is ready to take control when necessary.

Completely autonomous driving will be limited to certain locations. In other words, Volkswagen electric vans will, within a few years, be autonomous taxis, but with drivers.

As he said, the vehicles will be ready for commercial transport of goods and passengers by 2025. Although improving autonomous driving is complex and takes time, as The Drive says, Volkswagen has already started testing the Argo AI system at six locations from the USA and will eventually extend to Munich and Pennsylvania later this year.

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