Volta a Portugal is planned for September

The bicycle race around Portugal is being planned for September by the FPC

The Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC) is working so that the Volta a Portugal can take place between September 27 and October 5. The new date is already inscribed on the calendar of the International Cyclist Union and the project was presented today to the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The president of FPC, Delmino Pereira, and the director of Volta a Portugal, Joaquim Gomes, were received in audience by the head of state, raising awareness of the strategic value and national interest of Volta a Portugal.

Taking into account the special circumstances experienced in the country and in the world, the Portuguese Cycling Federation has taken on the responsibility of putting the event on the road as it considers the core evidence for the defense of the right to work for all those who have their profession in cycling and way of life and because this is the general feeling of the national velocipedes community, from Regional Associations to cyclists and professional teams.

In addition, Volta a Portugal is also very important for the sociocultural experience of the Portuguese and for the dynamization of the economy, throughout the different local territories united by the race caravan. Even more so in a year like this, in which the internal dynamics of tourism and hotel occupation are essential for the country’s economy. Cycling aims to make its contribution.

Volta a Portugal takes into account the pandemic situation and undertakes to create a safe event, applying the rules agreed with the Directorate-General for Health so that the cycling festival crosses different counties and parishes in the country without putting health at risk local populations or the different members of the competition’s sports caravan.

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