“Volta Para Mim” the new single by Picas featuring Agir

it's already on the platforms

Picas presented yesterday his second single, titled “Volta Para Mim“. This guitar ballad is a duet with Agir, who called the artist to the studio as soon as he heard the song.

The first version of the song reached Agir through a friend of Picas. The two musicians ended up concluding that “Volta Para Mim” had to be a duet by both. Thus, the single-ended up resulting in a combination of voices so sweet and smooth that it warms the soul of those who listens to it.

Picas and Agir sing of loss and the process of letting go:come back, even if it’s just for me to say goodbye”, says the chorus. The poem, which immediately begins with Agir saying “my body hurts from crying”, ends with the phrase “if you can, watch over me”, in an attempt to accept this loss.

Volta Para Mim“, a follow-up single to “Orquídeas“, is now available on all digital platforms.

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