Volunteers will plant 3,000 trees in Arganil village

About 3,000 trees will be planted on Saturday in the shale village of Vila Cova de Alva in Arganil, in a reforestation action promoted by Quercus and insurer Zurich, which involves 150 volunteers, was announced today.

The initiative aims to recover part of the area burned in the fires of October 2017, with the planting of Arbutus, fruit trees and various native species in four different locations in that district of Coimbra.

“Unfortunately, there is still a great way to organize our forest and make it resilient. Every year we suffer enormous losses and, therefore, initiatives and partnerships like this are very important for our activity”, says the coordinator of the project Create Bosques, from Quercus, Paula Nunes da Silva, quoted in a statement.

Quercus appeals to the population to join in the reforestation action, which begins at 10:30 with the symbolic planting of some trees in the Village House of Vila Cova de Alva, and then the volunteers move to four places of action: Day Center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Quinta do Pinheiral, Mata do Convento and Ermida – Chapel of João de Alqueidão.

The action is attended by the chairman of the board of Quercus, João Branco, the administrator of Zurich Portugal, António Bico, and the president of the Chamber of Arganil and the Union of Parishes of Vila Cova de Alva and Anceriz, Luís Paulo Costa and Paulo Amaral, respectively.

The coordinator of the Quercus Creos Flores project assured that the organization “will continue to work actively for the forest and its conservation”.

“Replanting Vila Cova de Alva is a symbolic act that seeks to bring hope to its inhabitants and is a way of reaffirming the active role in environmental awareness and conservation of nature, which we want to continue to have in society,” added António Bico, Zurich Portugal.

The Vila Cova de Alva reforestation follows an agreement signed recently between Quercus and Zurich Portugal, which aims to ensure the joint activities of nature conservation and environmental protection for the period 2018-2020.

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