Wallapop saved 510,535 tons of CO2 emissions in 2022

The sale of reused products at Wallapop, in 2022, saved 20 billion liters of water, equivalent to the consumption made in the city of Porto for about 1 year and 5 months.

The purchase of reused products at Wallapop, to the detriment of new products, in 2022, in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, allowed a reduction of 31 thousand tons of waste. Buying a reused fridge saves up to 2000 liters of water, the amount an adult drinks over two and a half years.

510,535 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved. This is the equivalent of eight round trips to Sol by car and the amount that Wallapop consumers saved in 2022 with purchases made on the platform in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Wallapop, a platform for buying and selling reused items and a leader in conscious and human consumption, celebrates its 10th anniversary in Spain this month and carried out a study that allowed it to understand the savings achieved with the purchase of reused items that thus avoid the manufacturing a new one and putting another one in the trash.

Throughout 2022, Wallapop buyers allowed 20 billion liters of water to be saved in the production of new products. A number that is equivalent to about 1 year and 5 months of consumption in the city of Porto. In addition, they also saved 723 million euros in environmental costs, which is equivalent to reforesting the surface of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park more than 3.5 times.

The planet’s natural resources are increasingly threatened as a result of consumption and human actions, however, there are ways to minimize this impact. Conscious consumption is one of them and by buying a T-shirt at Wallapop we can avoid up to 2.6kg of CO2 emissions and the consumption of 789 liters of water, enough for 24 showers. If we look at the reuse of a dress, we can avoid up to 4.7kg of CO2 emissions, which is necessary for a train journey between Porto and Brussels, and the consumption of 1000 liters of water, enough for a month of showers of a person.

But among the major concerns with the environment is the reduction of plastic used, due to the decomposition time it presents. However, with purchases made on Wallapop, in 2022, platform users allowed 22,031 tons of plastic to be saved.

“Prioritizing different patterns of production and consumption is a key part of responding to the climate crisis and its aftermath, and the people who use Wallapop are at the forefront of this phenomenon. When they buy or sell reused products, they get the most out of every item produced and reduce unnecessary waste. They know that they are smart, sustainable, quality and affordable purchases”, explains Pol Fàbrega, sustainability director at Wallapop. “It is a necessary transition that has already begun and, from Wallapop, we want to accompany this change in mentality. Since its inception, the company has helped people give more than 640 million products a second life.”

Sustainable consumption is increasingly important for the preservation of the planet and Wallapop is the ideal solution. With a vast catalog offering thousands of items waiting for a second life, the leading platform for conscious and humane consumption promises to continue to help reduce the use of the planet’s resources and give a second life to various products.

About Wallapop

Wallapop is the leading platform for conscious and human consumption. Founded in Barcelona in 2013 and present in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, Wallapop aims to create a unique ecosystem of reused product inventory that facilitates a more humane and sustainable consumption model. The platform connects 17 million users who visit it every month, and who collectively create around 100 million ads annually. At Wallapop it is possible to buy and sell products from all categories of consumer goods easily, quickly, and safely, and it is also a reference in categories such as motor vehicles, where it is the leader among private users in Spain.

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