Warriors massacred the entire ‘battle’ and only missed the final blow

Portugal returned to completely dominate Wales, created several opportunities, but failed to be effective in finalizing.

At the third test of this stage of preparation, Portugal conceded the draw (0-0) against Wales, but, similar to what had already happened before the United States and before this same Welsh formation, returned to give very good signs and to prove that he currently has the ability to hit any team. In the José Martins Vieira stadium, in Cova da Piedade, in Almada, the Warriors dominated completely, presented good football and created several goal chances that were not materialized by mere lack of effectiveness.

Francisco Neto surprised, motivated some changes in the eleven in relation to the encounter of Rio Maior, namely with the inclusion of Diana Gomes in the axis of the defence and Ana Leite as a right-back, and the team of Portugal entered much better. Always pressing, with more ball and much more game initiative, the National Team ‘rented’ the Welsh midfield and pushed the opponents to the ‘ropes’.

The first danger sign came at the close of the first quarter of an hour, in a shot over Andreia Norton. Curiously enough, it would be the 6th jersey to benefit from the first big goal occasion. The next minute, Dolores Silva recovered the ball, served Carolina Mendes, who, after leaving two opponents behind, isolated the companion, who only did not open the scoring because a Welsh defender took the ball off the line.

Without being able to react, Wales was trying to resist the Portuguese superiority and the passage of the half hour, Dolores Silva forced the goalkeeper Laura O’Sullivan to the defence of the afternoon. After a dizzying move by Jéssica Silva on the right side, the ball was left to the middle of the Atl. Madrid, who, at first, tested the (tremendous) reflexes of the contrary guardian.

For the second part, the selector launched Diana Silva and Carole Costa in the places of Carolina Mendes and Diana Gomes, respectively, and the domain remained. In the 55th minute, Jéssica Silva returned to winning in speed, ‘split’ the kidneys to the opponent and, with an archery, almost made one of those goals to ‘raise’ a stadium. Shortly after, the Levante player again caused panic in the Wales defence and suffered a penalty, but the referee of the match, Hungarian Gyöngyi Krisztina Gáal, did not indicate.

Without a single sense, Portugal was adding opportunities, but the finalization ended up being the main ‘sin’. One of many good crosses from Jéssica Silva on the wing was received and skillfully taken care of by Andreia Norton, one of them.

By the end, newcomer Telma Encarnação still allowed a new intervention to the goalkeeper of Wales, but the result did not change. Portugal takes a victory, a draw and a defeat at this stage, but, above all, good indications for what comes next.

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