WAZE releases new album, “Rosa Negra”

The album is now available on all digital platforms

After having revealed the singles “Entre Nós”, “Overdose”, “Só Nós Os Dois”, “Última Vez”, “Desce do Céu”, “Mbappé” and “Colete Anti-Bala”, the rapper WAZE launches his last studio album, entitled “Rosa Negra”.

Having been made in honor of his great friend Paulo Correia, the album “Rosa Negra” is composed of 16 songs with divergent energies, but with the same emotional identity.

“Each song reflects a beam of the spectrum of my essence as a person and an artist, and in this album, I managed to find the path between poetry and my diary where I vented about my life in different contexts. From pain to love, from loss to conquest, I found in the memories a map that guided me in the composition of a project that defines me”, says WAZE.

A new video taken from this “Rosa Negra” has just been revealed, entitled “On My Mind”, with the special participation of Soarito and which is already available on the official YouTube channel of WAZE.

In addition to Soarito, WAZE features guest appearances on this album by other big names, such as Uzzy, Rodd, and Pachá (in the unprecedented “Na Minha Zona”) and Edgar Domingos (in “Última Vez”).

The well-known songs from this new album – “Colete Anti-Bala”, “Overdose”, “Mbappé”, “Desce do Céu”, “Última Vez”, “Só Nós Os Dois” and “Entre Nós” – have conquered the platforms digital, with more than 5.3 million streams to date.

“Rosa Negra” tracklist:
  •     “Intro”
  •     “Gravidade”
  •     “Nevar”
  •     “Colete Anti-Bala”
  •     “Overdose”
  •     “Mbappé”
  •     “No Outro Lado”
  •     “Desce do Céu”
  •     “Última Vez (feat. Edgar Domingos)”
  •     “Só Nós Os Dois”
  •     “Entre Nós”
  •     “Na Minha Zona (feat. Uzzy, Rogg, Pachá)”
  •     “On My Mind (feat. Soarito)”
  •     “F.A.N”
  •     “Deixa-me Em Paz”
  •     “Já Cansei”

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