We are already using the natural resources of 2021

Global warming and all problems related to the environment are a reality that should concern us all. And according to new calculations by the international organization “Global Footprint Network”, natural resources for 2020 are depleted. Thus, as of this Saturday, humanity is already using the Earth’s natural resources destined for 2021.

This panorama should be an alert for everyone so that, individually and collectively, it makes us aware that it is important to make some changes in our daily practices.

Pollution, the emission of toxic gases, bad environmental practices carried out by large and small companies, among other situations, are too harmful for our planet.

The various studies and evidence are constantly ‘getting a hand on the wound’ and trying to make people aware of this reality. A part of the world population has already started to change some of its harmful habits to the environment.

However, there is still a significant percentage that continues with practices that are less healthy for the planet, even with all the awareness actions on this topic.

As of this Saturday, humanity is already using the natural resources destined for the next year of 2021. This is because the resources of our planet for 2020 are already depleted.

This conclusion comes from the calculations made by the international organization “Global Footprint Network“. In short, on August 22, 2020, we mark Earth Overload Day.

This means that from now until the end of the year, we are using resources that the planet is unable to replenish naturally.

In fact, the consequences of COVID-19 have led to an almost 10% reduction in the global Ecological footprint. But still, natural resources equivalent to 1.6 Earth planets continue to be used.

Thus, it is important that each of us rethink his habits and make some changes to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviors. In addition, it is essential that the great powers and governments of the world define more effective and efficient measures to reverse this scenario that affects us all.

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