“We do not see these 45 years as a perfect and finished work, far from it”

The President of the Republic addressed the Parliament in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the 25 of April.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa emphasized in his speech of April 25 that, despite the enormous achievement that was the Carnation Revolution, this is not a perfect and finished process. However, there is no doubt about it: “It was worth it“.

[We, the young people of 74], do not see these 45 years as a perfect, complete, finished work that leaves us dazzled, self-contemplative, fulfilled, far from it,” said the head of state, of the Republic.

We wish much more and much better, but we recognize that it was worth the founding step, the 25th of April, even what over the decades cost so many. It was worth it.

Marcelo recalled the “ups and downs” of the Revolution that brought democracy to the country, emphasizing that “nobody will dare to say that in those decades, young people of 74 and with them the oldest and most recent did not live a hectic, demanding, linear, full of ups and downs

For many Portuguese and Portuguese,” he continued, “the discovery of freedom itself would arrive with that of democracy, and both with the conversion of a colonial empire of five centuries into a member of communities that were not unpublished in the roots. its political, economic and social contours. ” (…)

Of course, sometimes we assume this singular historical turning point, which is to close a cycle of five centuries as if it were a smooth natural and peaceful transition without pain. We are inextricable in realizing that even the most difficult is easy and “said the President, stressing that “after 45 years the young people of 74, like the President, continue to prefer democracy, even the most imperfect, to the dictatorship.” ” We prefer reformism, even the most daring, to the demagogic rupture made of illusory bases, of sebastianisms of the past that do not come back, “he continued.

Marcelo defined the challenges facing democracy, emphasizing that “we expect much more from Europe and the Portuguese-speaking countries.

We want much more from our social and cultural democracy, better, much better from our political and economic democracy, but we are not willing to forget what we have done to overcome barriers, exclusions and discrimination of almost half a century ago … we give in to temptations or marginalizations, or to xenophobia, or to post-colonial traumas, whatever the pretexts or seductions of the moment

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