Web Summit. Electric scooters have come to stay

Lime is one of the companies that is changing the way we move from the city.

With conventional public transportation failing to meet the number of people who use them every day, technology companies like Lime come on the scene to offer an alternative. More specifically, electric scooters. The subject was debated at its own conference during the last day of the Web Summit.

For Caen Contee, the fact that scooters are electric is part of the ‘charm’ of this means of transport. “It’s a novelty but, more than that, it’s a means of transportation without destination because it’s up to you to decide,” said Lime’s co-founder during the Web Summit conference. In addition, Contee pointed out that, unlike bicycles, electric scooters do not distinguish between gender and can be worn by both those wearing pants and dresses.

Lime’s growth is being so sharp that, says Contee, some cities have told the company to bring them their mobility solution. More than that, Contee said that Lime is open to regulation, thus seeking to avoid conflicts that other platforms (such as Uber) have found a bit throughout the world.

For Contee, Lime’s main goal is to “take cars off the streets” and to see cars as we know them as “real competitors to hit,” thus responding to the possibility of more companies emerging that come up with similar solutions in the future.

In terms of figures, Lime achieved a recovery of US $ 1.1 billion and, considering that the company continues to be sought by countries all over the world, it is likely to continue to increase in the coming years.

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