Web Summit: HUUB launches carbon transparency program for the fashion industry

The Portuguese start-up manages an ecosystem of slow fashion brands and wants to lead a carbon footprint transparency and optimization movement for the fashion industry. A program with a two-year roadmap now launched at Web Summit.

Aware of the environmental impact of fashion industry, about 8% of the global carbon footprint, HUUB is ready to make it visible and understandable for the brands that integrate its logistic platform, showing them the need to establish impact reducing strategies. In order to do that, HUUB is launching a Carbon Transparency Program that will allow brands to have visibility over 70% of their carbon footprint.

Supported by internal teams of data analysts and scientists creating the framework and formulas, the promotion of carbon transparency will also consider the Environmental Profit & Loss matrix, created by Kering group, owner of fashion brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen. By adapting the well-known formula to the reality of its ecosystem, HUUB will be able to extrapolate results to show to their partners not only the impact of their supply chain but also the environmental cost of its raw materials, two critical dimensions of the global carbon footprint. A service as such adds value to HUUB’s offer and is, for the first time, available for any brand, integrating the logic of democratization in fashion that has been pursued by the Portuguese start-up.

On the path towards sustainability, HUUB will take the first steps at Web Summit, where a Shipments Carbon Impact Dashboard will be available. This dashboard will show, in real-time, the CO2 emissions of HUUB’s shipments, analysing, for instance, the impact by country, mean of transport and sales channel. After Web Summit, HUUB’s team will work on this new reality, providing to its companies the data that will lead to the comprehension of their shipments’ carbon impact.

“The first step to solve a problem is understanding it. That’s what we want to implement alongside our brands. A program which, initially, will allow to identify  the environmental impact and, in a second stage, define improvement and optimization measures”, explains Luís Roque, HUUB’s cofounder and CEO. “At this point, we are managing about 70 clients, mostly slow fashion brands, with sustainability at their core. We want to help them grow and scale up, but in a sustained and conscious way. Above all, we want to create a positive effect, that will have mid-term impact on the entire fashion industry”.

Concerning directly the consumers, HUUB’s position at the Web Summit (E253 – FIL 2) will also have a Fashion Footprint Calculator, allowing any visitor to understand the environmental impact of his/her wardrobe choices. Do you buy second-hand clothes? Do you prefer organic materials? What kind of transportation do you use to go shopping? These are some of the questions that will help anyone to understand how environmentally friendly their choices are. After Web Summit, this initiative will be available online at so that the awareness of the consumer grows beyond the event and also becomes part of HUUB’s Carbon Transparency Program.

This program will be part of Luís Roque’s pitch at Growth Summit Stage (Thursday, November 7th, 10:14 a.m.). Since the last edition, where it was announced as a Breakout Startup for its potential, HUUB registered an exponential growth of +100% of its annual revenue. Until the end of 2019, HUUB predicts to reach 100 employees.

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