Web Summit welcomes 104,328 attendees from 168 countries

Web Summit’s online conference kicked off with 104,328 attendees and counting from 168 countries.

This year’s Web Summit is being hosted on the company’s own proprietary software, coined by Digital Trends as “the future of online events”. Among the audience are 1,137 speakers, 2,229 journalists, 1,145 investors, 2,007 startups and 169 partners confirmed to participate.

104,328 attendees from 168 countries – 45.8 percent women

Numbers are increasing each minute but, at the time of writing, Web Summit has registered 104,328 participants. Web Summit has never been more global than it is now that there is no barrier to participation, bringing in 30,000 more attendees than were at the physical event last year. The event is geographically diverse, with 168 countries represented. The gender ratio remained stable compared to last year – 45.8 percent of attendees at this year’s event are female.

2,007 startups from 89 countries

Once again, Web Summit has selected more than 2,000 startups to attend the event and take part in pitching competitions, roundtables and masterclasses. This year’s startup group represents 89 countries, showing a shift away from the Silicon Valley-centred view of tech. Top participating countries this year include the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

Source: Web Summit


The strength of the platform lies in its focus on networking. As well as the 679 talks across five channels, Web Summit will also host 290 roundtable sessions, 154 masterclasses, 70 Q&As and 900 pre-scheduled investor hours. Attendees can also take part in three-minute roulette-style speed networking sessions through the Mingle feature.

World leaders gather at Web Summit

A reflection of the growing interest in politics and policy making, Web Summit this year has drawn in presidents, prime ministers, governors, mayors, ministers, ambassadors and commissioners from all over the world. Among the 1,137 speakers are the current prime ministers of Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cape Verde, Saint Lucia, Luxembourg, and Antigua and Barbuda; the former prime minister of Australia; the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen; the mayors of Lisbon, Toronto and London; and the governor of Tokyo.

Web Summit runs on its own platform

The 100,000+ person event is run on Web Summit’s own proprietary platform, on software that was developed in-house over the past decade to complement in-person conferences.

As events were shut down and postponed back in March, the company began to re-engineer its apps for a purely online experience. After running its Collision from Home event for 32,000 people in June, the apps were scaled to support the more than 100,000+ attendees at Web Summit. It’s run simultaneously on mobile and web apps, which perform different functions to complement the user experience.

Source: Web Summit

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