Weekend of sun and with temperatures to rise

No hard feelings with the rain that the storm Laura brought us during the week, even because the weekend brings good weather and spring temperatures.

The week was marked by Laura’s depression, which brought rain, wind, and sea bustle. But past is past and Laura has already left for another parish. For this Friday, it is expected a small rise in the maximum temperature in the North and Center regions, presenting the generally cloudy sky.

For the weekend, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) provides cloudy or clear skies and a new rise in maximum temperature and also the minimum in the North and Central region.

Forecasters also emphasize “marked nighttime cooling”, which is due to the still large difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Thus, in terms of temperatures for the weekend, Faro should be the district with the highest temperatures, with a forecast of 23ºC on Sunday (with a minimum of 12ºC). The municipality of Alcoutim, in this district, will arrive at 24ºC (with minimum 7ºC) that same day.

Going up to the Alentejo, Beja will register temperatures between 6ºC and 20ºC on Saturday, and between 7ºC and 21ºC on Sunday. In Évora, the scenario is similar, and it is worth noting that the temperature range is Saturday, when the minimum will be 4ºC and the maximum of 21ºC. If you are in Setúbal, you can expect temperatures between 7ºC and 21ºC on Saturday, and 9ºC and 22ºC on Sunday. Portalegre, the maximum will be around 18ºC on Saturday, and 20ºC on Sunday.

In Lisbon, thermometers will reach 20ºC on Saturday, with a minimum of 10ºC. On Sunday, the forecast is similar. In the district of Santarém, the forecast points to maximums around 22ºC at the weekend, varying the minimum between 7ºC and 11ºC.

In Leiria, count with a maximum of 20ºC on Saturday and 18ºC on Sunday, but warm up at dusk, with the minimum expected of 5ºC and 8ºC. In the district of Aveiro, the thermometers will not go beyond 17ºC throughout the weekend, as in Porto and Viana do Castelo, and in Coimbra will reach 18ºC. In Viseu, Vila Real the scenario will be the same.

In the district of Castelo Branco, thermometers will reach 23ºC on Sunday. Braga will register 19ºC of maximum, both Saturday and Sunday, and Bragança 18ºC of maximum on Saturday, day in which the minimum will be 2ºC.

In the islands, in Madeira, Funchal will count with maximums of 23ºC and minimum of envying the continental ones: 14ºC and 16ºC, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. In Ponta Delgada, in the Azores, the predicted minimums of 14ºC and maximum of 17ºC, with clouds to the mixture.

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