Weight of age, urban diseases and growth at the festival in Palmela

The shows “(In)certaidade”, “Antes” and “Adriano no longer live here” are included in the program of the 2018 edition of the International Festival of Street Arts (FIAR), held from Friday to Sunday in Palmela.

(In)certaidade “is the new creation of the Rua de Palmela Arts Center with the theater group As Avozinhas, a tribute to all the’ women-courage” – as the head of the company, Dolores de Matos, says. opens at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, in the space of the Center of the FIAR, in the street Serpa Pinto, in Palmela.

The piece focuses on issues related to age and its physical and emotional consequences.

How the age affects the body and the social behaviors, the taboos and the prejudices that today still hang on the women in certain phases of the life, like the menopusa, are, according to Dolores de Matos, subjects approached in the play.

“A ‘punk’ revolt against senior behavioral normativity” is how the company’s artistic directors, Dolores de Matos and Carlota Lagido – who also sign the scenic space and the costumes – classify ‘(In) Certaidade’, which has dramaturgy by João Pedro Azul.

‘Antes’, a creation by Pedro Penim and the Teatro Praga, which on Saturday night takes to the stage of the Cine-Teatro S. João in Palmela, addresses issues of cities, urban issues, their discomforts and illnesses .

“Many cities or countries have a distinct malaise. They are places that could be Portugal, so sunk in a painful longing for the past, and where every tension of the present is only the tip of an iceberg that is explained in successive retreats, which can go to the origin of the species, at least, “reads the programming of the FIAR, about the spectacle of the Prague theater.

And this nostalgia for cities is often presented as a diagnosis, a denial of a painful present as opposed to the desire to return to a glorious past, such as the city of Istanbul, which plunges often into a state called ‘Üzün’h a kind of acute, collective melancholy that comes with the rain and the cold wind coming from the East and devouring everything.

Or the heart of Trieste, “which stopped beating in 1914, when the bodies of the archdukes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were transported there after having been murdered in Sarajevo.” “Since then the port city has been renamed Tristesse and drags itself in a dying limbo,” added the people responsible for the play.

Or Wales, which means ‘the place of others’, and whose name was given to it by the invaders, when the country became the first colony of the British empire in 1285 and has since been thrown to the margins of history with the Welsh to experience a state of deep and familiar incompleteness, a sickness that misses a home to which one can not return, adds the Prague theater.

With text and staging by Pedro Penim, ‘Antes’ is performed by Bernardo de Lacerda, Frederico Serpa and Pedro Penim.

On Sunday, in the courtyard of the Festival FIAR, it is the turn to be represented a dramaturgy and choreography of Adriano Diouf and Rui Catalão, ‘Adriano no longer lives here’,

The show begins with a child running away from a man who killed another child, and ends with the beating of the heart of a fetus in the mother’s womb.

“Two chilling episodes, because the child is in the criminal’s house, with him inside, and the father of the fetus just said, ‘Doctor, we’re not going to have this child.’ ‘The episodes were converted into as many scenes, which Adriano Riouf reconstructs the process of becoming an adult.

The play is thus “the story of a child fleeing from the problems he is in, fighting and hiding from the consequences, until the culminating moment when he does not want to run away,” says the creator.

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