Welcome to 2020 to the sound of Matias Damásio

Matias Damásio – Dec 31/New Year’s Eve

“Matemática do Amor” is Matias Damásio’s new single. After the hits “Crazy” feat. Heber Marques and “I Wanna Be Your Hero”, the artist now launches the third theme taken from the album “Por Amor”.

An unavoidable name of Portuguese-speaking music, Matias Damásio arrives in Portugal with “Por Amor”, the fourth album of the artist’s career, one of the most beautiful albums ever. The singer and songwriter portrays, over 12 songs, stories of love, strength, hope, optimism and pride in his country, in its history. This album celebrates 10 years of career of the artist and counts on the collaborations of Prodigy (Supreme Force), Laton (Kalibrados) and, in the single “Loucos”, by Héber Marques (of HMB).

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