What is a Kora? There is a festival to discover in the Braço de Prata Factory

On January 26 there are workshops starting at 6 pm and concerts starting at 10 pm.

The Braço de Prata Factory will host the first Kora festival in Portugal. The 21-string harp gained popularity by being played by male instrumentalists during the description of major battles or events in the Gambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Senegal regions and will be celebrated with concerts in various rooms of the place.

The Kora is the most important instrument in West Africa, it is used for communication and the people of Portugal are now understanding the connection promoted by this sound, which is physical but also spiritual,” explained the Korean Mbye Ebrima, who is a part of the festival poster.

Other names that will pass through the Kora Fest are Braima Galissá, Djumbai Jazz, Kula & Yagum Project, Selekta Tupinambo and Kora Orchestra.

The meeting with the folklore, culture and orality of West Africa is scheduled for January 26. In addition to the concerts, there are also workshops and storytelling for the little ones, starting at 6 pm, with the concerts starting at 10 pm.

Prices range from 5 euros (three workshops), 7.50 euros (six concerts) and 10 euros (complete ticket).

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