“White Christmas” highlighted in the Estoril Casino’s Black and Silver Room

Show by Artfeist Produções Artísticas

In the middle of the Christmas season, the Casino Estoril‘s Black and Silver Room will receive, on the 16th of December, at 9 pm, the “White Christmas” show. It is an Artfeist production that promises to delight different generations of viewers.

With staging by Henrique Feist, “White Christmas” was designed for viewers to share unique moments with their family and friends. A show, not to be missed, starring Mariana Pacheco, Diogo Leite, Daniel Galvão and Valter Mira. The musical direction is Nuno Feist.

With an intimate matrix, “White Christmas” invites the public to reflect on various issues related to Christmas. I knew that the song “Jingle Bells” was not even written with Christmas in mind but in the famous sled races of the century. XIX in Massachusetts and that still exists today? Or that the song “Stille Nacht” (Happy Night) stopped World War I?

White Christmas” is the ideal show for the public to get to know these and other stories about Christmas and remember the most beautiful melodies of this season that insist on coming every year. In this show, it will be difficult not to sing so many memorable compositions that recall the most beautiful Christmas can have!

Author and director Henrique Feist | Musical Direction Nuno Feist | Interpretation Mariana Pacheco, Diogo Leite; Daniel Galvão and Valter Mira | Production João de Oliveira Pereira | Technical Direction Paulo Santos

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