White Haus, Meera and Whales at Aveirense Theater Novas Quintas this year

The year starts with White Haus this month, on the 9th, followed by the Meera in February, the 6th, and the Whales in March, the 12th, at the Aveirense Theater Studio Room, under the Novas Quintas, according to with the organization of the initiative, in a statement issued today.

White Haus is the alter ego of DJ, musician and producer João Vieira, lead singer of X-Wife. While White Haus, João Vieira released an EP in 2013, and three albums. The most recent, “Body Electric”, was released in October.

Meera is a trio of electronic music, which includes musician and producer Jonny Abbey, who was guitarist and lead singer of the Mirror People.

Leiria’s Whales published in 2018 their debut album of the same name, after having won the Thermometer festival in 2015 and, in 2016, being part of the compilation of new FNAC talent.

The Aveirense Theater’s Novas Quintas began in 2017. Since then, there have been artists and bands such as Beatriz Pessoa, Sensible Soccers, Mai Kino, Duchess, Joana Espadinha, Surma, Tomara, Da Chick, Lynx, Luís Severo and others. Psychedelic Pipe.

In May last year, the 1st Novas Quintas na Rua took place, which took the concerts out of doors.

In the 1st Novas Quintas na Rua, with free admission, the performances were divided between a stage, in Praça da República, and the balcony of the Aveirense Theater. Papillon, Benjamin, MGDRV, PEDRO, Progressivu, D Glue and Vaarwell performed on that day.

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