“Who Can Resist” is Rodrigo Leão’s new single with Kurt Wagner

After “Friend of a Friend”, Rodrigo Leão presents the second single from his upcoming album, A Estranha Beleza da Vida, with a global release in October by BMG. It is “Who Can Resist”, which has the voice and lyrics of Kurt Wagner, leader of the American Lambchop.

Who Can Resist” is yet another example of the careful casting of voices that Rodrigo does for his more cinematic albums such as Alma Mater, Cinema or A Mãe, and which again manifests itself in A Estranha Beleza da Vida. For the new single, the musician looked for a male voice that he could identify with and that would serve as his “alter ego” – “and Kurt Wagner’s thick voice captivated me immediately. He very kindly offered to write the lyrics and sing the theme, it was a privilege to be able to count on him”.

“Who Can Resist” first appeared in the summer of 2020, during Rodrigo’s family confinement, “while waiting for the family dinners”. “When it wasn’t my turn to cook, I would sit down a little at the piano, and I felt enormous happiness because we were all there together without feeling time slipping away”. It’s a happy, free song, like the album in which it is included, “A Strange Beauty of Life”, which will be published internationally in October through BMG and which its author describes as “about the freedom of being able to try to create without barriers, No Boundaries.”


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