Who is Michelle Bolsonaro, the new Brazilian first lady?

Jair Bolsonaro’s wife has appeared few times in the campaign and is described as discreet and homely.

Michele Bolsonaro, the wife of the newly elected Brazilian president prefers to adopt discretion, abstaining from the front line, but when it comes to solidarity is known for acting, describe friends of the couple to the G1. At 27 years younger than her husband, at age 36, Michelle, born in Brasilia, draws attention for being simple, wearing very flashy clothes and being very faithful to her religion.

The new First Lady is involved in the causes of people with disabilities in the ministry of the Deaf and Dumb Attitude Baptist Church in Barra da Tijuca, where she attends daily. She is a pound interpreter (Brazilian sign language for Brazilian deaf people) at Sunday services.

In the church, the employees, according to the Brazilian newspaper, are prohibited from talking about Jair Bolsonaro’s wife and any information is provided by the institution’s accessory. But before attending this church, Michelle was faithful for several years to the Assembly of God Victory in Christ, which has Pastor Silas Malafaia – the same one who celebrated the wedding of Bolsonaro and Michelle in 2013.

Referring to Michelle, the pastor defines her as “simple, demure and someone who does not like to appear,” adding that she has a good way to receive guests and that she is tough with her daughters. “She likes to work behind the scenes,” says Silas, who knows the future first lady since 2008, when she has been working for a long time. began attending his church.

The Bolsonaro couple met in 2007 in the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia, when Michelle was a parliamentary secretary. Shortly after, Michelle went to work with Bolsonaro. Two months after she was hired, they were married by the civilian. The religious ceremony only took place in 2013.

To describe her husband, she says that this is “a very human person who cares about people,” who “is very playful, very natural, very given” and “has a different look.” “It’s a wonderful human being, it’s my love, right?”, Can be seen in a video made for the Bolsonaro campaign.

In one of the rare interviews she gave, Michelle commented on her husband’s candidacy for the presidency: “You must be crazy, but if he wants to, I’ll support him,” he said, adding, “Now it’s in God’s hands.”

Asked about her role as the future first lady has realized that she wants to do “all possible social work”. “I have this proximity to people with disabilities, the deaf, I had a deaf uncle too, I have a lot of love for this community, I want to do my best,” he said.

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